It’s Tebow Time, Finally!

The best game of the Denver Broncos season thus far came last Sunday against the San Diego Chargers. The Broncos lost the game but the fans won their quarterback and couldn’t be happier. The stadium was drumming with the cheers of “Tebow! Tebow! Tebow!” when time expired, despite a third straight loss. But the fans weren’t looking at the numbers on the scoreboard. The only number the fans were looking at was the #15 on Tim Tebow’s jersey. Tebow played the entire second half of the game and was only one pass away from making an implausible comeback win against the Chargers.

Kyle Orton had an abysmal first half; completing 6 of 13 passes for only 34 yards and one interception. That’s a quarterback rating of 21.0, which was dead last for quarterbacks on Sunday. Tim Tebow got the call during halftime from Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy that he would be starting the second half due to Orton’s lackluster performance. Tebow ended the game with a quarterback rating of 101.7, the tenth best QB rating for week 5. Now I know what you’re thinking, how did Tebow, who completed only 4 of 10 passes have such a decent QB rating? The QB rating takes a lot of statistics into account, but one statistic that stands out for Tebow was his ability to throw a touchdown pass on only 10 attempts and four completions. He also ran for a touchdown and 38 yards on six attempts. His play-to-touchdown ratio was unusually high, giving him a favorable QB rating for the game. I think everyone is interested to see if Tebow can maintain such a high QB rating throughout an entire game and if his throwing accuracy can compliment his play-to-touchdown precision we saw on Sunday.

Even Tebow’s critics would have to admit that Tebow sparked the team on Sunday. It wasn’t so much that Tebow made any extraordinary plays, but it was that he brought energy not only to the crowd but also to his team. Skip Bayless of ESPN First Take believes that Tebow has something special that gives him the atypical ability to be a team leader and winner. Does Tim Tebow have an intangible talent that allows him to win games? It reminds me of ‘Angels in the Outfield’, one of my all-time favorite sports movies where ‘angels’ help the Los Angeles Angels win a Major League Baseball Pennant. Could Tebow have his own guardian angel that leads him to football victory? I’m not saying he does. I’m simply acknowledging the fact that many Denver fans and sports fans alike seem to believe so.

What I do know is that Tebow is fun to watch, he ignites the fans and his teammates, he’s proven to be a winner, and he does seem to have something special about him. For example, Tebow has the aptitude to make a boring 0-4 Miami vs. 1-4 Denver game into an electrifying and highly watched game. One of the most interesting things about the game on October 23rd against Miami, the game that Tebow is going to start in, is the fact that the Dolphins have decided to recognize and have a reunion for the 2008 BCS championship team. That team so happens to be the Florida Gators, the very team Tim Tebow led to a national championship! This game is going to be more of a home game for Tebow than an adverse road game, and likely the most watched game of the weekend. Is this just a coincidence or could Tebow actually have his own angel in the outfield that is setting him up for victory? Rather his own angel in the end zone.

The truth is, Tebow finally has his chance he’s been waiting for. The Denver Broncos are his team even though he may be too humble to admit it. Tebow isn’t a great quarterback yet, but he isn’t terrible either. He’s somewhere in the middle right now and we get the pleasure of seeing what he may become. Denver’s coaches are going to have to buy into Tebow 100% for him to be successful. This may require adding some plays from the Florida offense and making some major adjustments. Possibly some modifications will allow Tebow to become a great NFL quarterback, proving all of his critics wrong. Maybe he will play out the season and get traded away, or worse yet, never be a starting quarterback again. Either way, Denver and the rest of the league get to finally see what he’s got. We will finally get to find out. Finally.

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6 Responses to It’s Tebow Time, Finally!

  1. iwalani mccalla says:


    I really enjoyed your article! Is this your first one?

  2. Thanks! I have a few I’ve done under “Recent posts” at the top of the page.

  3. Melissa says:

    Love this article…Gator Nation has been brought to Denver! We love Tim Tebow, our Gators & Broncos…chomp chomp & giddy up it’s a weekend of Football!

  4. Do you think Tebow will be the starter for the Broncos for the rest of the season?

  5. I do think Tebow will be the starter for the rest of the season. The front office is looking at trading away Brandon Lloyd and Eddie Royal, which tells me they are committed to Tebow and are going to change the entire offense. However, it could also have to do with the fact that Lloyd and Royal are not happy with Tebow getting the starting job. Either way I think we will see Tebow play out the rest of the season. His performance will entirely determine what happens next year.

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