Tim Tebow Interviewed on Denver’s KOA Radio Station

Interview provided by Steffan Tubbs and April Zesbaugh

of Denver’s 850 KOA News Radio on October 17 @ 6:50am

Transcript written by Benfletchersports

Steffan – “How did you spend your bye weekend?”

Tebow – “Just hang out with my brothers and watch some football and kind of relaxed a little bit. It was a nice bye weekend.”

April – “You’re kidding me that you sat around and watched some tape and video? We figured you’d be at Dove Valley 24/7!”

Tebow – “(Chuckle) I can take a little time off and relax. But I’ve definitely been watching film on Miami and getting ready. I had to watch an upsetting loss by my Gators on Saturday night, so that was a bit disappointing. But besides that my weekend was good.”

Steffan – “Are defenses going to play the Broncos differently? How do you expect them to play differently with you at quarterback?”

Tebow – “Well, to be honest we don’t exactly know. We’ll have to wait and see. We’ll have to prepare for several different looks. If they want to bring a safety down into the box to stop more of the run or what they’re willing to do. With every defense there are some strengths and weaknesses and it’s our job to be able to find those weaknesses and try to take advantage of it.”

Steffan – “We all know you are a hard working football player, regardless if you are the starter or not you’re putting in the effort. But what changes this week now that the job has been given to you this week? You’re the starting quarterback. How do you approach this differently than when you were backing up Kyle Orton?”

Tebow – “Well I think it is a little bit more of the leadership factor of every day going in and just being someone that everybody knows is going in extra looking at film and someone who is a leader on the practice field. You know that there is going to be live bullets this week and that’s definitely what changes. And I think showing everybody in practice my hard work and leadership and that I’m ready to go out there and compete to the best of my ability.”

April – “Tim, we’ve been taking questions for you on Facebook this morning. Sandra writes in, ‘How are the dynamics of the team with change between you and Orton? The whole situation had to be challenging for you both professionally and personally.’ And then she goes on to commend you both for being so professional about it. How does that impact the guys in the locker room?”

Tebow – “Well, I feel like we’ve had a good relationship this whole time and it’s not like the scrutiny and everything that was going on at the beginning of the year. It’s not like it’s just been the easiest, but I think we’ve had a great relationship and we both go out there everyday and we compete hard. We get along off the field and I think that really helps out.”

Steffan – “Well one of the nice things this weekend Tim is the Dolphins are celebrating your national championship in ‘09 with the Gators. So it’s not like you’re going to have to face a real hostile crowd in Miami, but we wish you the best of luck and hopefully you can bring back a victory for the Broncos this weekend.”

Tebow – “Well thank you so much. I really appreciate you having me on and God bless.”


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