NFL Quarterbacks: Most Impressive, Most Surprising and Most Disappointing


1. Aaron Rodgers –

Without a doubt the most impressive quarterback this season has been Aaron Rodgers. The Green Bay Packers and Rodgers have started off right where they left off last season. Rodgers is currently the most dominant quarterback in the league according to statistics, and most importantly, wins. The Packers are the only undefeated team left in the NFL and much of their success is due to Aaron Rodger’s impressive play. Rodgers’ quarterback rating is 125.7, 20 points over any other quarterback in the league. Rodgers has also been remarkably good at his turnover to touchdown ratio, throwing three interceptions through seven games, while adding 22 total touchdowns (2 rushing). If he continues this play he may be looking at a repeat of last year’s ending.

2. Drew Brees –

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Although both Tom Brady and Eli Manning have a slightly higher quarterback rating, I put Brees in the number 2 spot because of his accuracy. He along with Rodgers are the only two quarterbacks who are completing over 70% of their passes. Brees has also thrown for the most yards of any quarterback this season, averaging 343 yards/game. Brees is looking more and more like the quarterback who led his team to their first Super Bowl win two years ago.


3. Tom Brady –

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It seems like Brady has been at the top of this list for years, and rightfully so. Brady is having just an average season for his career, but that still puts him at the number 3 spot on my ‘Most Impressive’ list. Brady has the second best quarterback rating behind Rodgers and is third in the league in both passing yards/game and completion percentage (both behind Rodgers and Brees). Brady continues to lead his team into what looks like will be another playoff run. Will this be the year Brady wins his 4th Super Bowl?




1. Cam Newton –

This one was a no-brainer. Although I could put several players onto the “Most Surprising” list, only two stick out to me. Newton is obviously the most surprising quarterback in the NFL this season. He has the height of a Peyton Manning and the weight of a linebacker. His style of play and size are said to be a new breed of quarterbacks. He dazzled the league by throwing for over 400 yards in his first two games as a pro. Cam has thrown for 11 touchdowns and ran for 7 more in eight games. He is by far the most surprising quarterback and one of the biggest stories in the NFL this season.

2. Andy Dalton –

(Photo taken by: Brett Mock)

The success and flashy play of rookie Cam Newton has certainly overshadowed the other talented rookie quarterback this year. Dalton has taken the reigns of the Cincinnati Bengals and has led the team to a 5-2 record so far this season, something Cam hasn’t been able to do. Dalton is completing nearly 63% of his passes, has thrown for 9 touchdowns and only 7 interceptions. Although his numbers aren’t astonishing, he has possessed the composure of a 5th year pro in how he’s led his team. Look for Dalton to become an elite quarterback in the near future.


1. Michael Vick –

(Photo taken by: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images North America)

The pre-season was filled with stories about the so-called ‘Dream Team’ in Philadelphia led by Vick. However, other than a dominating win over the Cowboys, this season has been a complete disappointment. Vick has only thrown for 11 touchdowns and has totaled 16 turnovers in only seven games. Although he’s been known for throwing picks and getting stripped of the ball in the pocket, he’s also been known for running the ball into the end zone. The most surprising stat in possibly all of football this season is that Vick has yet to record a rushing touchdown.

2. Kevin Kolb –

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The 6-year, $65 million contract that sent Kolb to Arizona this summer was thrilling for Cardinals fans. However, seven games into the season and a 1-6 record are now making that contract look dreadful. What’s even worse are Kolb’s numbers through seven games. Kolb has completed less than 57% of his passes, ranked 27th among active quarterbacks this season. Kolb has only thrown for 8 touchdowns and has matched that with 8 interceptions. Arizona fans can only hope that his season in Philadelphia wasn’t a fluke, but his current numbers are not reassuring.


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